Scraps of My Life

Sunday, August 23, 2009

CT Call!

A little about me: My Scrap Orchard store is here. I'm very actively involved with my creative team. We have a lot of fun in my forum, and I consider my CT to be my backbone as a designer. They are free to ask me any questions, make suggestions, and throw out ideas. Please feel free to ask any of my current CT members about their experiences on my team.

If my designs suit your style and you can commit to the requirements, copy/paste and answer the following questions and email them to by August 28th at midnight (CST). Invitations and regrets will be sent out by August 31st. Our new peeps will be announced no later than September 3rd.

1. Your full name and your username at most forums.
2. Tell me a little bit about yourself, why you'd like to be on my team, and why I should choose you.
3. Link me up to your best gallery and your favorite layout using my products if you have one.
4. Link me to your blog if you have one.
5. Tell me about your CT experience. Are you currently on any other teams, and if so, which ones? What are the requirements like?

Please ask if you have any questions!