Scraps of My Life

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life is Good

I was thinking last night. Always dangerous, I know. :) Anyway, I was thinking about how much our society is conditioned to always want more. More money, more clothes, more house, more more more. And I'll admit I've certainly been bitten by that bug before. But you know, I really have all I need and more. When it really gets down to it, I don't want anything else. I have an incredible husband of 8 1/2 years who is loving, faithful, and a godly husband and father. We have 2 beautiful children who are healthy, happy, and for the most part, well-behaved. :) Michael has a great job that allows me to stay home with them, and now that I've started designing, I have a little something extra to focus my energy on each day. My confidence has also gone up because of it. We have wonderful, supportive families who would do anything they could to help us in a bind.

And the best part? Even if all that disappeared in an instant, my Heavenly Father would still be here holding my hand and guiding me through the most difficult of life's challenges.

What more could anyone ask for?


LuAnn said...

What a wonderful attitude! Yes I agree - most people want more more more. There isn't anything else I want added to my life right now - maybe to have a little more spending money for the little things but I've become more frugal and really ask myself "do I really need that".

Mel said...

WOW, that's awesome. Your words brought tears to my eyes!